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110 College Ln, Liverpool L1 3BN, Великобритания
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+44 151 709 9462

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You can expect a profesdional and premium haircut from tthese guys as long as you properly explain what you want to them. Amazing place.

This sort of hipster place is not really my thing but hey I needed a mop chop and it was open. Initially thought I'd made a mistake when I spotted the incorrect prices on their web. Soon relaxed a little when someone stuck a beer in my hand. I hate having my hair cut and tend to be quiet and sit stiffly and ill at ease. Fella that cut me didn't seem to mind and just got on with it. He managed to tame my ultra awkward double-crown and didn't get all hipster on me when I said I don't 'use product'. Come away with one of the best results I've had so can't complain really. Might well go back as it is conveniently open late.
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