Indigo Sun

2, Morrisons Supermarket, 32 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 8PE, Великобритания
Phone number
+44 121 454 3436

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Very clean and great beds - always seem very powerful with good tubes. Staff could be a little more friendly but you can't have everything.

The facility and staff have duty of care to protect their clients. To do two sets of 12 minutes in less than two days would have been very harmful to one's health. I think it's unfair to mark them done because of this. It's a good spot!

Good beds just a bit expensive, I prefer consol but there isn't one in my area

Good location, very tidy and hygienic studio, well maintained sunbeds, nice and friendly staff.

Очень внимательный персонал. Безупречно чистые. Привлекательный декор. Эффективные кровати. Чего еще можно хотеть?!

Clean. You can get a tan. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Хорошие чистые лежаки и персонал очень гостеприимные и дружелюбные, не пошли бы в другое место.
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