Tesco Extra

215 Park Rd, Liverpool L8 4XF, Великобритания
Phone number
+44 345 026 9672

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A great store with a massive variety of food products and drinks, both soft and alcoholic. There is a reasonable selection of clothing items for various age groups. Also household goods are stocked. There are lots of tills so it shouldn't take long to checkout. A cafe and toilets ate available. A large car park is situated below the store.

Просто хочу сказать огромное спасибо охраннику, который любезно пытался помочь мне с моей машиной на автостоянке. Я не получил твоего имени, но я очень оценил твою помощь, спасибо! Ps Я получил его отсортированным через Kwik Fit

As a man of 60 ( all most) the lad was great. I don't know a lot about new phones. He got me though it in no time. I was well happy. Thank you

Friendly staff at self-service check-out. Huge store stocked with a wide range of products across all categories. Clean and reasonably well signed, in terms of which aisle to visit. Positive shopping experience.

Great food great prices an everything under one roof for weekly shopping trip

Great store. Has fabulous staff. Lots of help from Mary Jones 10/10

Great supermarket with plenty of selection. You can find food from around the world although is not as complete as you expect but it still many selection. The strore provides many things such as household, fashion, vegetables, fishes and fresh bread.
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